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Coffee Quotes Coaster - I Run on Coffee and Sarcasm

Coffee Quotes Coaster - I Run on Coffee and Sarcasm

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Ever feel like the world runs on sugar and niceties, but you're powered by pure roast and roast-y remarks? Presenting the "I Run on Coffee and Sarcasm" Coaster. Let's face it: Your cup deserves a perch as cheeky as its owner. Place that cup, embrace the sarcasm, and let the world know you're sipping on more than just coffee!

  • Moisture Guard: No coffee spills or dewy rings here and there. Keep your home pure, unblemished.
  • Slip & Scorch Resistant: Because coffee shouldn’t leave a mark on your table (just on your soul).
  • Perfectly Sized: Just right for everything from dainty espresso cups to mammoth mugs of mocha.
  • Made of 3 mm Sturdy MDF boards with super glossy finishing
  • Uses OEKO-TEX-certified inks, ensuring safety and the absence of toxic substances.
  • Digital UV fade-proof printing
  • Made in India

This isn’t just a coaster. It’s a badge of honor for every witty warrior who knows that laughter is the best creamer and wit, the ideal sweetener.

In between sips and flips, you can let your coaster hold the page. Make it your bookmark buddy.

Warning: May lead to spontaneous chuckles, brewing camaraderie, and occasional sighs of understanding from fellow coffee-cynics.

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