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Bookish Stickers for Kindle, Laptop, Bookshelf - Set 1

Bookish Stickers for Kindle, Laptop, Bookshelf - Set 1

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Say hello to these bookish stickers! Your books, laptops, water bottles and your Kindle are about to get a whole lot personal. Mark where you left off in style. Jazz up your plain bookshelves.

  • High-Quality Stickiness: Stays stuck on even when your plot twists and turns! But fear not, they’re kind to surfaces. No drama or tragic backstories here.
  • Fits Anywhere: Small enough for your phone, big enough for visibility. Kind of like that novella that packs a punch!
  • OEKO-TEX-certified inks, ensuring safety and the absence of toxic substances.
  • Die-cut custom shape for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Digital UV printing with fade-proof print quality.
  • A5 Sheets | 100 Microns Thickness
  • Made in India

If you've ever thought that your stuff could use a little more bookish flair, these stickers are your jam. Or should we say... your literary preserve? Stick 'em, flaunt 'em, and let your bookish flag fly high!

Warning: May lead to spontaneous book club invitations, an increased TBR list, and uncontrollable urges to reorganize your bookshelves.

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